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San Juanderers’ Outing Wash-I-Bago State Meeting 9-17 to the 20th

05 Oct 2015 4:15 PM | Anonymous


The State Meeting was a big success. It was well organized and executed. The majority of the organizing effort was done by JoAnne Ackley, the Wash-I-Bago’s Treasurer. Her hard work certainly paid off and allowed the rest of us to enjoy the relatively dry weather, wonderful location, interesting exhibits and workshops, as well as the games.

Of course we also had some meetings, but they were fun also as there were no controversial items on the agenda. The officers of Wash-I-Bagos shared a moment of levity during their meeting. Mary Everest was drafted to temporarily act as secretary, a job that she formerly held, because the current secretary resigned.

The activities were both varied and fun. They included things like limbo dancing and karaoke in addition to the usual board and card games. Of course there was also a bean bag baseball tournament. JoAnne did something different this year relative to organizing the bean bag baseball games. She formed 6 mixed teams from the people who signed up. She designated a captain and assigned players to each team from multiple clubs. The games were hard fought as usual and both participants and observers enjoyed them. Ben Simmons was the only San Juanderer on the winning team.

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